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We believe that walking in nature while discussing crucial matters is more powerful than a thousand meetings in the office.

We know that watching the leaves of a tree rustle in the wind can help you focus your mind and boost your creativity.

That's why we plan unique experiences, nurturing creative discussion and tapping into the potential of your people to provide new insight and crystal clear thinking.

We help you face into the climate and nature emergencies. We create the space and stimulus for your strategy and provide the facilitation experience to identify the your next steps.

People in Park

Feel good

A pensive disruption to your usual routine. Take a meandering walk through interesting streets, squares, hidden places, beautiful spaces. We will harness the power of the outdoors to inject wellbeing into your working day.


Get inspired

"...two people set out to walk. You see the world through each other’s eyes in a very different way than you would when you were walking alone" Ian Sinclair, 2017

We will take you outside with your colleagues to paint ideas, challenges and images of transformation.

Misty Forest Reflection

Reflect and plan

Science shows that walking in natural environments is one of the most powerful and simple ways to spur creativity.

At Inside Out we will work with nature to design an experience best placed to capture your ideas and help you plan your next steps.  

It all began with a chat. Fuelled by caffeine, two friends from opposite corners of Europe agreed on a fundamental point: ideas need space to breathe. Inspired by the travels of Marco Polo and his views on walking as an aid to thinking, we got started on Inside Out...

Matt Prescott

Geographer and sustainability expert. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Ran the climate change programme at the Royal Society of Arts before delivering sustainability strategies and programmes for the likes of Nestlé, Sainsburys, John Lewis Partnership, NHS, Heathrow and the University of the Arts London.

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Lorenzo Todorow di San Giorgio

An academic expert in multi-lateral collaboration. He has published and taught on how people experience dialogue in collaborative settings.


A captivating facilitator, Lorenzo has worked and collaborated with The Commonwealth, the Wellcome Trust, the United Nations Global Compact and other amazing organisations.

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